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We found cashback websites like (Similar to) Ibotta and its alternatives. If you’re searching for other cashback sites like Ibotta & better, you have come to the right place.

Ibotta is a site where customers can earn cash rebates on online purchases that they make. Debit card cashback, cash that shoppers receive along with their goods when paying by debit card. Cashback reward program, a small amount paid to a customer by the credit card company for each use of a credit card.

However, if you are not satisfied with Ibotta and looking for better Ibotta alternatives or maybe you’re looking for more Ibotta similar sites to work with, we have got you covered!

Below Are The Best Casino & Betting Alternatives:

  • FairGo Casino: USA accepted. Visit the casino HERE
  • SlotoCash: For all countries. Visit them HERE
  • Betway Casino: USA not allowed. UK supported. Visit the casino HERE
  • RoyalvegasCasino.com: USA and UK not supported. Visit the site HERE
  • Betsson.com: USA players not accepted. Visit them Here
  • WorldclubCasino.com: USA players are accepted. Visit the site HERE
  • BetwaySportBetting.com USA not supported. Visit the website HERE
  • BetOnline.ag: Betting Website For USA. Visit HERE
  • Here, we have scanned through the internet to find all the popular sites like Ibotta which are listed below. You may browse through the websites below to choose the Ibotta alternative that suites you best.

    Tip: The top three are the best online

    List of Cashback Sites like Ibotta

    Ebates is one of the most popular sites like Ibotta. It is the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping. Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online. Founded in 1998, Ebates Inc.’s websites have paid over $325 million in cash to its members. That’s why millions of people have joined Ebates, and they’re excited you are ready to start earning cash back, too.

    Shop through Ebates, and earn up to 40% cash back at your favorite stores. How? Their stores pay them a fee when you shop. They then share the fee directly with you – it’s just that simple.

    Incredible deals don’t end with cash back. They hunt down cut-rate coupons and exclusive offers plus amazing deals on hot products. Unlike any other savings site on the internet, you can layer the deals. Save big by using coupons and getting cash back at the same time! With deal layering, you really stack up the savings.

    Best of all, they never charge a membership fee or require mail-in rebate forms. They just send you your cash, no strings attached. Visit the cashback site here: Ebates

    Topcashback is one of the UK’s most generous cashback website. There’s no join fee and no catches, so not only do you earn at least 101% cashback, but there are so many fantastic benefits from being a member.

    At TopCashback, they have more retailers listed than virtually any other cashback website, including big names such as Currys, Expedia, Argos, Boots, M&S and many, many more. This means you have more chances to earn cashback with TopCashback.

    Yes, it’s free to join TopCashback. They don’t take any membership fee upfront and have a choice of accounts to suit you.

    They do not charge any joining fee whatsoever for any of their members There are also no annual administration fees for their Classic account members and they keep just £5 per year for their TopCashback Plus members for a host of extra rewards.

    They are determined to always maintain their position as the UK’s Most Generous Cashback website and they love to reward their members, so they give 101% cashback to everyone. They are very proud of their new TopCashback Plus account though which will give you even more. If you upgrade your account they will reward you with up to 105% exclusive cashback bonus. Visit the site here:Topcashback

    Best Casino For USA

    Mr. Rebates is another Ibotta alternative. It was founded in 2002 as an inventive way to save money via cash back rebates while shopping online. In the years that have followed they have added thousands of stores, supplied the best deals and coupons, added new innovative shopping features and awarded cash back for over many years to their savvy members.

    Some people might ask “How is Mr. Rebates able to give cash back from so many online stores?”. Simple, the stores that you see on Mr. Rebates pay them a commission on each sale that is generated. Most shopping-based websites keep that commission for themselves but they refund the majority of that commission to you! They consistently supply their shoppers with online coupons, discounts and cash back rebates to make shopping via Mr. Rebates economical and fun. Visit Mr. Rebates for more now.

    Swagbucks is an online rewards and cash back program. Another sites similar to Ibotta Simply do the things you’d normally do online, such as search the web, answer polls, watch videos, play games, and shop; you’ll accumulate points that are quickly redeemable for free gift cards, PayPal Cash or pre-paid cards from Visa.

    Superpayis one of the top reward site similar Ibotta. They have been online and paying since the year 2003. Superpay is known for its high paying PTC ads, offers and surveys. With over 700 international offers readily available for every member. If you are really searching for the best Swagbucks alternatives, superpay is where to be. I’ve come across a lot of people averaging about $15 each day on this website. The best I have ever seen on a reward website like Swagbucks. Paypal, Check, Payza, Skill are the payment options and the minimum cashout is $2. Payment are made immediately with a click of button. Visit Superpayme for more info

    Rewardingways is one of the oldest paid to click websites like Ibotta. Here you will get paid to click ads, complete offers, fill online surveys, complete tasks, shop online etc. You will also get paid instantly when you reach the minimum cashout requirement. The payment methods are Paypal, Payza, Skril, Neteller, Amazon gift cards etc. Click and visit Rewardingways for more info

    Cashcrate is an extremely good Ibotta alternatives. With more than 5 million members, Cashcrate is regarded as one of the highly populated reward websites online. Here, you could make money completing daily surveys, doing offers, searching the web, trying products and referring family and also friends. Swagbucks has one of the highest paying referral programs online. You are paid $1 for each and every United states member you referred that complete at least a survey. The cashout methods are Paypal and Check. $20 in the minimum cashout requirement. Note, Cashcrate has high paying offers and surveys for only USA members. Visit Cashcrate for more and how to join

    Inboxdollars is another popular websites like Ibotta. Here, you have a lot of ways to make money such as PTC ads, Paid Surveys, Paid Emails, Offers, Paid to Search, Product Trial as well as Tasks. Inboxdollar is a highly genuine source for rewards, and has been online for over 14 years. You’ve got to be an active member to do a lot more offers, especially paid emails. The payment methods are Paypal, Check and Credit Card. $20 is the minimum requirement for cashout. Visit Inboxdollar.com for more info

    Clixsense is currently the most popular sites like Ibotta and even better. They have been online and paying for a very long time without issues. Here you have a lot of high paying PTC ads, paid surveys, paid to sign up offers, paid to shop etc. You can click as many ptc ads as possible each day. To make a lot of money with Clixsense, you will need to upgrade your account to premium if you wish. The payment methods are Paypal, Payza, Paytoo, neteller, Check, gift cards. And the minimum cashuot is $8. Visit Clixsense for more and how to join.

    Offenation is another reward site like Ibotta. You get paid to click ads, complete surveys and trial offers. You will be able to cashout your earnings via Paypal, Payza, Skril, and gift cards. Payment are made instantly as soon as you reached the minimum cashout requirement. Visit Offenation.com for more.

    Points2shop is a good replacement for Ibotta as well. Points2shop has over Six million members as well as still growing rapidly each day. You can complete surveys, offers and tasks for rewards such as cash and points. Cash are withdrawn by means of Paypal, Check, Neteller or redeem for gift certificates etc. the minimum cashout requirement is $0.50. You will receive $0.50 as a bonus whenever you sign up and confirm your email.

    Uniquereward.comcan be a good replacement for Ibotta. Here, you will make money clicking ads, completing surveys, reading email, doing tasks, trying product and services, searching the webs, and shopping online retail stores. $20 is the minimum cashout requirement. Paypal and Cheque are the withdrawal methods.

    Treasuretrooperis another Ibotta similar website online. Just like cashcrate, you will earn money completing daily surveys, doing offers, trying products, shopping online and searching the net. Treasuretrooper has a quite interesting game called Treasure Hunt. It’s value $100 per winner. If you’re a game freak, I suggest you give it a try. Check and Paypal are the cashout are the payment methods. $20 is the bare minimum cashout requirement. Visit Treasuretrooper.com for more info

    Get-paid is a cool and also interesting place to earn rewards. Right here, you have other ways to make money online apart from PTC ads. You will be given coins for clicking ads, completing surveys, doing offers, trying products as well as searching the net. The coins are exchanged for gift gift cards or converted to cash and cashout via Paypal, Western Union Money Transfer, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Payza and Neteller. The bare minimum cashout is $0.50. Payments are made in a day. Visit Getpaid.com for more info

    Zoombucks is seen by many as a reward website similar to Ibotta. Searching the web, doing offers, trying products and completing surveys are the earning ways. Zucks is given for each and every activity you take part in. The zucks can be converted to cash and also cashout via Paypal or redeem for several other gift cards.

    iSurveyworld.com is an online paid survey website, a bit similar to Ibotta. Even though you will only complete survey unlike other reward sites. To work with surveysavvy, it’s essential to complete your profile with correct information. Surveys are sent to members once they match with the info they provided. So, filling out your profile is extremely recommended. Also, be sure to check your e-mail regularly to avoid missing out on survey invites emails.

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